Universal Pedestal Head for Wood Support

pedestal wood head piece

Substructure With Pedestal Support for any Wood Joist

Clip/mt joist: 1 mt (1000 mm): plank width x2

es. 1000 mm : 140 mm = 7,14 x 2 = 14,28 clip/mt

The universal Pedestal head is designed to accommodate and permit the fastening of all types of existing joists on the market, the slots in the head enable the mechanical coupling of the joists from H 1,8 cm on up, thanks to the frangible bulkhead. The universal Pedestal Head can be used with the Pedestal NM Range and the Pedestal SE Range.

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Pedestal System - installing wood deck - australia eterno

Head for Wood Joist

Pedestal System - installing wood deck

Adjustable Support Pedestal NM

Pedestal System - installing wood deck Australia eterno

Adjustable Support Pedestal NM – Extention

Pedestal System - installing wood deck

Twist slope compensator

Pedestal System for wood decking Australia

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