The Pedestal Product Range

The Pedestal System product range is compromise of four different Series designated for different kind of jobs. The Pedestal SE series is great for sloping surfaces. The Pedestal EH series is is ideal for flat surfaces. The Pedestal NM series is the best choice for decking. And the Pedestal for wood deck series are the components needed for the installation and levelling of any kind of decking. Please browse among the Pedestal ranges below or use our pedestal calculator by clicking here.


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Pedestal SE Series

Pedestal SE Range

Australia's most EXCLUSIVE SOLUTION for dealing with SLOPING installation surfaces. The Pedestal SE range is an adjustable paving support with a self levelling head that guarantees the precision alignment of the entire floor surface. It has already been use to transform balconies, pool side areas, roof tops and public spaces More info


Pedestal EH Product Range

Pedestal EH Series

The FASTEST and CHEAPEST solution for laying tiles. The Pedestal EH range is popular internationally for the installation of raised paver slabs on external flat surfaces like roof tops, verandas and water features. It is ecological because both the elements of the flooring and the supports substructure are recyclable. More Info

Pedestal EH Range


Pedestal NM Range

Pedestal NM Series

Widely appreciated throughout the building industry WOLD WIDE. The Pedestal NM range can be install on varying slop with any material surface desired: Paver, Tile, Stone, Composite and Grating. Perfects for living outdoor spaces, the Pedestal NM gives you the freedom to express your own style.More Info

Pedestal NM Range


Pedestal for Wood Deck

Pedestal for Wood Deck

The ULTIMATE SOLUTION designed and tested to bring any type of plank to a new height, whether made from WPC, plastic, ceramic, concrete or self supporting composite material. The Pedestal for Wood Plank guarantees an elegant, stable and perfectly level flooring. More Info

Pedestal for Wood Deck


Pedestal System Start - T Australia

Pedestal Star-T Series

Outdoor flooring support has never been so thin – it’s called STAR.T and it’s meant to change the market. It’s the most adaptable, especially for renovations, the only one constantly adjustable thanks to the well known adjustment key, the only one adaptable to any kind of tiles. More Info

Pedestal Star-T


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