The Pedestal System is a professional substructure system for external raise flooring application. It is a new product that is already widely used around the world in the building industry. Architects and builders alike love using the Pedestal System because of its simplicity to use, its efficiency in the long term, its durability and strength, its ability to be recycle and re-used and its elegance in the way it looks.

The Pedestal System is designed, manufactured and tested in Italy and it guarantees quality. It has a lot of advantages. Please click here to see all the advantages. The Pedestal System has a particular characteristic that makes it unique in its field - it is the only adjustable supports for raised floors with self-levelling, anti-slip and noise reducing head in dual material. That's right, the Pedestal System is the only product on the market that's capable of reducing noise levels to as little as 25dB.

The award-winning Pedestal System can be used with tiles, pavers and timber decking to create raised floors on, green roofs, balconies, water features and terraces. Capable of accommodating heights from 17mm-550mm, it ensures elegant, homogeneous paving each time, without having to subject the building to radical structural work. Please click here to view realisations. The Pedestal System eradicates problems of damp, water infiltration and accommodation of cables or pipes, at the same time allowing for quick, straightforward inspection.
The Pedestal System includes a patented slope-correcting device, which compensates for a substrate fall of 0 to 5% gradient, to provide a perfectly level floor finish. It is also resistant to Australian weather. The Pedestal System, the system that change your life.

We are also very proud to announce that we are the only company in Australia that have a Fire Rating Certificate. View Certificate here.

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WHY SHOULD I USE THE PEDESTAL SYSTEM? Discover the advantages of The Pedestal System

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Realisations The Pedestal System has been used in several constructions in Australia and Internationally.

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